Ski Holiday Hemsedal – An Alpine Ski village for families

Hemsedal in Norway, known as the Scandinavian Alps, is a popular European winter destination renowned for its stunning alpine landscape and consistently great snow conditions. The Hemsedal mountain village boasts towering peaks, deep valleys, and cascading waterfalls. Here skiers of all ages can enjoy 55 kilometres of impeccably groomed and family-friendly ski runs, as well as challenging off-piste adventures for avid winter sport enthusiasts.

Why Hemsedal’s Popularity is Rising Among European Skiers

In 2023, the readers of the international travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler rated Hemsedal as one of Europe’s 20 best ski destinations.

Ironically, Hemsedal’s recent rise in popularity has also stemmed from European families seeking snow-sure destinations amidst global warming’s negative impact on snow conditions in the Alps. While snow conditions elsewhere have worsened, Hemsedal has remained a snow haven. In addition, the softened Norwegian currency, compared to other currencies, has made ski vacations in Norway much more affordable for Danish, British and German families as well.

Why Hemsedal for Family Ski Holidays

Hemsedal is located midway between Oslo and Bergen and is an attractive ski destination for people and families from all over Norway, and beyond. To get there, a rental car from Oslo Airport provides the most flexibility, and it is a 3-hour drive to arrive at the village of Hemsedal.

Hemsedal is known as the best Ski Resort in Norway, especially for families of all sizes.  Here are 8 reasons for familes to visit:

  • Hemsedal has a variety of slopes to suit all levels of skiers and snowboarders: With 21 lifts, and 53 slopes covering all difficulty levels, Hemsedal Ski Centre has ski and snowboarding experiences to offer to all ages.
  • The abundance of winter activities: Besides skiing and snowboarding, Hemsedal offers great cross-country tracks, dog sledding, ice skating on the lakes and ice bathing in them, indoor climbing, ice climbing on waterfalls, sledding, snowshoeing in deep forests and snow kiting off the top of mountains. Even sleigh rides too.
  • Great options for foodies: Hemsedal offers a wide range of casual dining options at all price levels. Try out the Tomahawk steak at Skigaarden, or the classic El Royal potato-bun burger at Krokken Bar & Bistro. The best coffee in town can be found at Elma’s Kafe who exclusively serve java beans from Hemsedal’s very own and beloved Scandinavian Alps Coffee Roastery.
  • Family-friendly atmosphere: There are plenty of activities for children. Try ski lessons just for the kids or maybe dogsledding for the whole family? Children as young as 2 years old are welcome to try (with an adult driver).
  • Diverse Accommodation Options: Choose from ski-in / ski-out convenience hotel rooms to large and cosy cottages for the whole family to stay, cook, and gather under one roof in the safe and secluded pockets of Hemsedal´s mountains.
  • Unique Outdoor Spa Experiences: For parents and adults, Hot and Cold therapy via ice bathing and sauna cycling is a unique experience when experienced outside. Explore the outdoor community pool and sauna offerings at select Hemsedal hotels, or the lakeside cottage rentals with outdoor saunas for a more private experience. Some cottages might even make a hole in their frozen lake for you, like we do 🙂
  • Long Season: With the long winter season stretching from the December holidays through the long sunny, blue-sky days of April, families can even book Easter for their annual winter escape.
  • Stunning Mountain Scenery: Hemsedal is surrounded by stunning wilderness, and it is all free. No tolls or entrance fees for the endless trails and back-country explorations.

3 Tips for Planning a Winter Holiday in Hemsedal

Are you planning a winter holiday in Hemsedal? Here are a few recommendations for families looking to create a memorable experience.

#1: Book early and explore off-season

Main holiday periods, Christmas, New Year´s, Easter, and Winter School Holidays (week number 7-9), are booked almost a year ahead. Early January and March and the end of April are when the prices are lowest, the crowds are smallest, yet the snow is still abundant. What about skiing before Christmas?

#2: Stay in a cosy lodge or cottage

As temperatures drop outside, returning to a rustic log cabin or cottage after an active outdoor day is a great way to experience the true Norwegian “Hyttekos” atmosphere – the iconic and charming cosiness created by rustic wood-burning stoves or fireplaces, intentionally designed family rooms and natural wood accommodations immersed in untouched nature. Just don’t forget your favorite slippers – the “cherry on top” of this cultural experience.

#3: Book your activities ahead of time

Guided adventures are quickly booked, so to secure your dog sledding family trip, a day of ice skating on the lake, or snow-shoeing on the mountain, it is best to book the experience before you arrive. We can help you to schedule your family activities, many of which we offer for free (like our outdoor saunas) at our premises.

Explore Huso Lodge´s Family Cottages

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If you’re looking for an unforgettable winter getaway, Hemsedal & Huso Lodge should be at the top of your list. With its stunning scenery, world-class skiing and snowboarding, and family-friendly atmosphere, Hemsedal is the perfect destination for Danish, German, and British skiers and snowboarders of all levels looking for an adventure just a short plane ride away.

Contact us at Huso Lodge to explore a stay in Norway´s winter wonderland.