Huso Lodge & Cottages: Your Secluded Hemsedal Winter Oasis

Hemsedal is a popular winter destination for alpine skiing, both on and off the slopes. Just 15 km from Hemsedal’s popular Hemsedal Ski Resort, Huso Lodge provides a tranquil haven amidst picturesque surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded ski resort. Venturing outside the cottage immerses one in the quiet and stillness of unspoiled wilderness.

Welcome to Huso Lodge – your winter oasis.

Cross-country and backcountry skiing

Cross-country skiing has been a part of winter life in Norway since the Middle Ages and is unsurprisingly the national sport. We Norwegians love our long cross-country ski tours, taking in nature’s beauty and making such scenic adventures cosy with good food, drinks, and treats.

Our cottages are just two steps from Hemsedal’s top cross-country ski tracks. And for you to fully embody the Norwegian skiing experience, we provide a “cosy” tour backpack and guide – handy for both beginners and veterans. No ski equipment? No problem. We got you covered, with skis, boots and poles available for rent on-site.

Downhill skiing

Located just 15km from Huso Lodge, Hemsedal’s Ski Resort boasts 51 slopes and 20 lifts across three peaks. The resort offers uninterrupted skiing for 6 km and slopes suitable for all skill levels. The resort also provides free skiing in the forest and mountainsides. There’s a reason people from across the world hail to this little ski mecca. The route from Huso Lodge to the Ski Resort offers stunning views, and perfect end-cap for a memorable day on these unforgettable slopes.


It’s not every day you can trust 6 husky hounds with your life! But if you embrace the opportunity to go dog-sledding through our extensive forests and lakes, it will certainly leave you invigorated.
At Huso Lodge, we are fortunate to bring this exhilarating experience to our guests. Exploring the unknown – in nature or within ourselves – is always an adventure we rarely regret. But don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to see for yourself! Great for families, couples, friends and colleagues.

Take the plunge

Hot, cold, hot, cold. Wait, what? Our cottages are equipped to awaken your senses in every sense of the word. Our outdoor spa activities feature wood-fired barrel saunas and hot tubs just steps from frozen lakes, out of which we carve ice holes to inspire you to take “the” plunge. Cold water immersion, especially in cycles with saunas and/or after active days outdoors reduces inflammation, improves circulation, boosts the immune system, and enhances sleep quality. Best part? No pills required.

Huso Sled Mountain

Need a down day? How about a family play day on sleds racing “down” Huso’s Sled Mountain? Unless “down” means relaxing with scenic valley views and a warm cup of coffee as your watch your kids wizz down down the hill again and again and again instead. Good news, both are possible and strongly encouraged. Nothing beats good old-fashioned, quality, family-free time. Huso Lodge offers a variety of sleds for our guests to enjoy – whatever your speed may be.

Wood stoves for “hyttekos”

After active days of re-awakening, reinvigoration, and re-discovery of nature’s joys, returning to cosy Norwegian “hyttekos” warmth is a retreat in and of itself. Our cottages come equipped with wood stoves and ambient fireplaces, making holiday evenings a unique opportunity to slow down and unwind. Cook a home-cooked meal from scratch in our community-style kitchens or talk the night away around the fire. Do what you fancy to rest and relax, and don’t worry about running out of firewood. Trees fall naturally every year – the cycle of life – and we make sure no fallen tree goes to waste. Firewood is complimentary, and we will happily replenish it.

Our Accommodation units

   25% off on April  
7 840kr NOK/night

Cottage with scenic view, hot tub & barrel sauna

15 guests · 6 bedrooms · 7 beds · 3 baths

Lakeview Cottage is a spacious and unique log cabin for 15 persons at Huso Lodge in Hemsedal, secluded with a scenic view of the valley and a private lake. The cosy cabin ambience is elevated with an outdoor spa, complete with a wood-fired hot tub and barrel sauna. Perfect for a relaxing and rejuvenating escape.

11 872kr NOK/night

Large rustic cottage, hot tub & barrel sauna

20 guests · 7 bedrooms · 20 beds · 5 baths

King's Cottage is a large yet cosy, traditional log cabin at Huso Lodge in Hemsedal, Norway. The cottage has been expanded and converted into a significant, sustainable, and energy-efficient abode, making the cabin a unique and memorable space for up to 20 people. The cosy cabin ambience is elevated with an outdoor spa, complete with a wood-fired hot tub and barrel sauna. Perfect for a relaxing and rejuvenating escape.

   25% off on April  
14 560kr NOK/night

Immense cottage for modern Vikings

30 guests · 12 bedrooms · 30 beds · 3 baths

At Huso Lodge in Hemsedal, Norway, the Viking House is a spectacular Longhouse that draws inspiration from the Viking Age. Set by a stunning lake, its living roof seamlessly blends it into nature. Immerse yourself in the authentic Viking way of life and awaken your senses with indulgent feasts, the soothing warmth of hot tub and sauna sessions and invigorating cold plunges.

   25% off on April  
7 840kr NOK/night

Quirky old log cabin you'll love

15 guests · 7 bedrooms · 15 beds · 2 baths

At Huso Lodge, Queen's Cottage is a spacious log cabin for 15 persons that stands out due to its 18th-century construction. The living room in the cottage, which used to belong to the old farmhouse, features a rustic open fireplace and combines traditional style with modern Scandinavian elegance. The cosy cabin ambience is elevated with an outdoor spa, complete with a wood-fired hot tub and barrel sauna. Perfect for a relaxing and rejuvenating escape.

11 872kr NOK/night

Large cosy cottage - hot tub & barrel sauna

21 guests · 7 bedrooms · 10 beds · 5 baths

Stable House at Huso Lodge is a spacious cottage accommodating up to 21 persons. It features a generously sized communal kitchen, dining and lounge area, perfect for cooking and enjoying meals together, socialising and chilling out. The living room is adorned with an elegant wood stove, blending the rustic lodge style with modern Scandinavian elegance. The cosy cabin ambience is elevated with an outdoor spa, complete with an exclusive wood-fired hot tub and barrel sauna. Stable House is an excellent choice if you're looking for a peaceful and revitalising getaway.

2 688kr NOK/night

2 guests · 1 bedroom · 1 bed · 1 bath

The Couple's Cottage at Huso Lodge is a charming, historic and private cottage that allows you to step back in time and experience a space that has remained mostly unchanged for the last 100 years.

2 946kr NOK/night

Scandinavian Design meets cosy Lodge

6 guests · 2 bedrooms · 1 sleeping sofa · 1 bath

Huso Lodge offers boutique apartments with two bedrooms, a sleeping sofa, and open-plan living and kitchen areas, accommodating six guests comfortably. The spacious apartments (60 m2) boast Scandinavian elegance, high-end amenities, and stunning views of the valley.