New Interior Experiences

At Huso Lodge, our goal is to offer guests ample time and space to “take a pause” and be in nature. In 2020, we began refurbishing our cottages to bring our guest experience closer to our vision.

The first cottage we elevated was Lake View. Situated in-front of a beautiful lake, the scenery was surprisingly hidden from inside. We opened up the walls, and built a new spacious reflection room with large window facing the lake. For the calm cosy evenings after sunset, we included a wood burning stove. The room was  also extended with an outside deck to make it easy for guests to step into nature.

Above the reflection room we extended an existing bedroom and added panorama views to the lake, adjacent mountains and valley below. See images below:

Queens Cottage is an old timber framed cabin from the original 17th Century Huso homestead with a subsequently added kitchen and bedroom extending into an old barn. While the added space was needed, the extension didn’t feel connected to the original structure nor did the heart of the cabin – the kitchen – feel inviting for groups to gather.

For centuries the families who lived at Huso grew their own currant berries from which they made their own wine. To honour this past while bringing continuity to the interior experience, we refreshed the kitchen into a rustic wine cellar-inspired culinary haven. Groups large and small will now want to come together, create memorable meals and share their own stories of the past well into the late hours of the night. See images below:

Images below show the kitchen before the renovation:

We continue to improve our cottages to help our guests more fully immerse in nature and spend quality and memorable time with each other. Stay tuned for 2021 announcements.