Winter at Huso Lodge: Barrel saunas, hot tubs and ice baths await!

Come to Huso Lodge and experience nature in its most raw form. As you cozy up with warm coffee, wool blankets, and good company around the fire, the forest and lake views out your living room windows soon lure you out to the curiosities that surround. A barrel sauna awaits your wood-firing. As you step in and pear out through its fish-eye lens, suddenly the stress of your week, month or year begins to fade. You breath.  You relax. You let go. And then you notice the ice hole in the lake just a few step below. You tip toe out to get a better look and realise, “why not!”  You jump and plunge. What a rush! Your blood is pumping. Your muscles expand. And then a calm sets in. Your mind clears, and there is a quiet that engulfs your being. After many deep breaths, your body is ready for warmth again. Out you go and there waiting for you another few steps away is an outdoor wood-fired hot tub. You close your eyes, dip in, another deep breath, and as you open to a pure view of untouched forest, you know you have arrived.

Welcome to Huso Lodge & Farm!