Short-Travelled Furniture

When renovating we are following a Norwegian “hyttekos” (cabin cosiness) design. To build unique spaces, we started making our own wood furniture milled from our own forest.

“Hemsedal Andelssag & Høvleri” is Hemsedal’s old community mill which was moved to Huso Lodge 20 years ago. Over the last decade it had become a waste land. We decided to clean it up and strengthen its foundation so it can last another century. We also replaced the old electric sawmill with a new modern one, while restoring the old manual hand winches and trolleys to be able to move 500kg heavy logs into the mill.

The new mill is becoming our new loved workspace, where you can experience 150 years of timber work traditions in Norway. Situated in the forest, it truly inspires you to make furniture the way it should be.

We have just started milling old pine logs stored for a decade. Next summer we will try an ancient Viking wood work technique to harden the wood naturally by cutting off the top of the tree and have it standing bleeding.