Looking for an inspiration?

Buying your veggies from a local farmer can open a new perspective on what is possible to grow and consume. There are many kinds of vegetables that you won’t find in your typical supermarket.

As you start stocking your pantry with local produce from your farmer you might find out that some varieties are new to you. 

Don’t let yourself be taken back if you can’t think a recipe or preparation of these veggies. Let is serve you as an opportunity to learn about what grows in your region and make the use of it in your kitchen.

We have prepared some inspiration for all of you living in Norway, or northern Europe. 

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Tips on How to freeze your greens

Winter is coming

Huso Lodge original recipes

(that you tasted on Høstmarked)

our other favourite recipes


Kohlrabi Stew with Coconut Milk

Kohlrabi Slaw

Swiss Chard

Cream of Swiss Chard and Gruyere cheese

Swiss Chard salad with Garlicky Yoghurt


Kale Colorful Salad

Tuscan Kale Soup


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