Huso Lodge: Stunning venue for barn weddings & celebrations

Nestled in the scenic Hemsedal farmyard, Huso Lodge’s Historic Barn offers a captivating setting for weddings, celebrations, and unforgettable experiences. This meticulously restored wooden cathedral boasts a capacity of 130 guests and features a spacious outdoor terrace with breathtaking valley views.

Imagine toasting to a lifetime of love, peace and happiness in the warm sunlight streaming through the barn, or picture lively wedding cermony under the open sky. For larger gatherings, the venue can be expanded with an additional party tent in the farmyard.

Huso Lodge’s Historic Barn transcends weddings. It’s a versatile space that transforms to host corporate events, private gatherings, farmers markets, culinary adventures, yoga classes, workshops, and more. Due to a lack of insulation, the barn is ideal for events held between May and October.

The Huso Lodge Farm Experience

Our Barn is a beautiful wooden venue that provides a charming and rustic atmosphere for any celebration. The vast structure boasts visible timber framing, a 6-meter tall ceiling, large sliding doors that open to a stunning view, and homemade tables and benches crafted from the woods of our forest. The attention to detail and dedication of the craftsmen are evident in every aspect of this unique experience.

The warm and welcoming ambience is enhanced by the earth-toned tablecloths and plates, as well as the soft glow of string lights and the natural beauty of wildflowers.

The Huso Lodge Barn History

Our Historic Barn is actually a Railway Goods Shed, established at Gol railway station in 1909 (or soon after) in connection with the opening of the Bergen Railway, that runs over the highlands between Oslo and Bergen. The building was used as temporary storage of goods during goods transport by train to and from Gol and the surrounding district.

The building was taken over and moved to Huso Lodge & Farm in 1991 and has since been part of the farm yard. In 2021 it was renovated and the southern roof got solar powered. In 2023 the new outdoor terrace was added for guests to enjoy the valley view.

Huso Lodge Unique Event Spaces

Chieftain's Hall

Historic Barn

Farmhouse Banquet Hall

Nøkken Dome

Let Huso Lodge Craft Your Dream Wedding

Contact our experienced wedding planners to discuss your vision and explore the endless possibilities at Huso Lodge. We offer all-inclusive packages and personalized touches to ensure your fairytale wedding becomes a reality.

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