Host your retreat at Huso Lodge

Over the years we have had the pleasure to host many retreats and group events

11 Awesome Summer activities at Huso Lodge Hemsedal

Hemsedal might be the most known as Scandinavian Alps and winter paradise. In this article

Stable House: Modern gem of the Scandinavian Alps

Place to be Located right next to a main Huso Lodge building, Stable House maintains

King’s Cottage: Listen to the stories

Place to be Since ancient times, we have been shaped by natural laws that we

Viking House: Forget about your lifestyle, now you are a Viking

Place to be Surrounded by forest and lake, Viking House is built into the ground

Queen’s Cottage: Where old meets new

Place to be One of the main challenges of the 2020 renovation was the update

Lakeview Cottage: In the middle of the Norwegian wilderness

Sustainability is the key. When we decided to renovate this traditional Norwegian wooden log cabin,

Awesome Winter activities at Huso Lodge

Huso Lodge is located in Hemsedal, the most popular winter destinations in Norway. Here is