Host your retreat at Huso Lodge

Over the years we have had the pleasure to host many retreats and group events at Huso Lodge. One of them is the annual Summer Blot with Norse Tradition, a celebration weekend of nordic ancestral knowledge and rituals.

Up to 50 participants gathered at Huso Lodge to enjoy nature in combination with lectures, workshops and celebratory dinners.

We are happy to see Nordic Tradition retreat coming back to Huso Lodge every year, and with this occasion we asked Ida Lagos Andersen, Marketing and Booking Manager, some questions about their experience.

Why did you choose Huso Lodge to be a place for your Norse Tradition retreat?

We first found Huso Lodge when looking for wedding venues – and loved that there was such a beautiful place where we could be by ourselves in the mountains.

The atmosphere in Chieftain’s Hall with torches lit, good food and live music is pure magic. Particularly working with Pre-Christian history, traditions and spiritual practices, the surroundings do a lot to help set the mood.

It is now our third Norse Tradition retreat at Huso Lodge, and having a venue with that has living quarters, dining hall, hot tubs and saunas, and of course the spectacular outdoor space is perfect for us. 

What were the goals of your retreat?

Our retreats are all about taking a step back from everyday life and seeing yourself in a larger context. We want to give the participants a truly immersive experience where they can focus on what matters to them regarding Norse traditions – whether it is the historical lectures, their personal spiritual goals or simply the fellowship with other people.

Most come for the topics of the lectures but return again and again for the community and magical atmosphere of the rituals.

How did Huso Lodge help you reach those goals?

We are very happy to cooperate with the people at Huso Lodge for these special events. They are never more than a message away, listen to our wishes, and work continuously to improve the facilities.

Huso Lodge is for us a place we feel at home, being able to use the venue as we like. 

Any surprises you found in bringing your group of participants into nature?

While Chieftain’s Hall is the heart of our events, it is the outdoor and surrounding area that really helps us unwind and leave our everyday stress behind. Our participants greatly enjoy bathing and canoeing on the lake, walking in the woods, using the hot tubs, and sitting out on the porch with a cup of coffee or cold beer.

What were the high points of your experience?

For our retreats, the blót ritual is a natural high point of the experience. This year we held it outside by the water, surrounded by greenery and flowers, with everyone dressed in their finest clothes, and it became a truly beautiful celebration in honor of goddess Freyja.

But also having a large group of people sing together inside Chieftain’s Hall was an amazing experience – instead of putting music on the speakers we sang and played drums together for hours on end. We also had a lot of fun during lectures, dramatizations and dinners, and of course in the hot tubs!

Would you advise other retreat creators and companies to incorporate nature locations such as Huso Lodge?

Creating a retreat in the mountains, in beautiful surroundings and far away from everyday stress, is a real pleasure. All the work we do in preparation for the event, is so worth it once we see the faces of new participants arriving at the venue, and hear their feedback after a successful weekend.

It is truly a little magical bubble where you can focus on people and real interactions, community, and fellowship.