11 Awesome Summer activities at Huso Lodge Hemsedal

Hemsedal might be the most known as Scandinavian Alps and winter paradise. In this article we will show you why staying at Huso Lodge and visiting Hemsedal is the best choice for your summer holiday.

What to do right outside of your cottage

1) Explore nearby lakes

Although the number of hot summer days in Norway may be lower compared to other southern European countries, the heat can still be intense. And you need a place to refresh and cool down. 

Huso Lodge has two big lakes for swimming, both located up the hill. First lake is situated directly beneath Lakeview Cottage, while our second lake is adjacent to our Viking House and King’s Cottage. Both lakes are accessible to guests staying at Stable House and Queen’s Cottage, which is just a quick five-minute walk away.

Take advantage of our canoes located at the lake, and compete with your companions to see who can make it across first. Enjoy paddling around and having a fun-filled day.

2) Make the best out of your terrace

Each cabin provides complex experience inside and out. Use your terrace to practice morning yoga and meditation. Soak up some vitamin D and increase your serotonin levels with the sun exposure. If it gets chilly in the evening, never mind, you can still indulge in a relaxing sweat session in one of our indoor or outdoor panoramic saunas and cool down in our Skargards hot tubs which can be heated or not, summer months – new rules!

3) Discover all forest trails

For centuries, people have relied on the forest for sustenance, and even today, it continues to provide us with an abundance of natural resources. Unfortunately, many of us have lost touch with the forest and its medicinal properties. At our lodge, we believe in the healing power of nature and invite you to explore the forest trails surrounding your cabin.

Go for a forest walk behind your cabin to discover the natural treasures hidden within the forest. Pick blueberries, cloudberries, lingonberries, mushrooms, wild spinach, birch leaves for tea or chaga – the king antioxidant of all mushrooms.

4) Try out all grilling spots

Around the whole property you have many opportunities to organise a proper grill party.

For an intimate gathering, use the terrace grill located outside your cabin to cook up a delectable dinner over an open flame. Share the experience with your fellow guests and make unforgettable memories together. And if you’re planning a larger event, we can accommodate up to 130 guests both indoors and outdoors with our venue rentals and fully serviced meal experiences.

For more information on our venue rentals, check out the article HERE.

5) Enjoy vegetables from our farm

Have you ever compared the taste of supermarket vegetables to those that are homegrown?

If you have, then you know that the difference is incomparable. At Huso Lodge, we understand the importance of fresh, flavorful produce, which is why we are proud to run a vegetable farm on our sunny sided fields below Huso Lodge.

Enjoy a wide range of seasonal vegetables, all grown using sustainable and organic methods. And if you’re a fan of farm-fresh eggs, we have those too! You can order them straight to your cabin from July to September, ensuring that you have the best ingredients for your meals.

Order a box during your stay or visit one of our Farmers Markets – more info HERE.

What to do in hemsedal area

Hemsedal has much to offer from food experiences, shopping, nightlife to unique summer activities. Here is the list of top experiences you should not miss this summer.

6) Visit turquoise waterfall

There are at least 6 waterfalls with fresh turquoise water located in the Hemsedal area. Go for a trip with the best reward – pure wild nature. Don’t forget to fill your empty bottle with active spring water full of minerals.

Find directions to all of them HERE.

7) Biking

Bring or rent a bike and explore all the forest mountain trails. If you like something extra we recommend visit Hemsedal Rides – a set of 4 places to go biking.

“Welcome to Norway’s new trail bike destination, Hemsedal. A path for over 35 million over the next three years is being built here. While the excavators are in full swing, preparing a new lift-based flow path with an opening in July this summer, there is the opportunity to get a small taste of the family-friendly trail arena Tottelia, which opens as soon as the snow melts.”

More info HERE.

8) Hiking – the best view comes after the hardest climbs

Hemsedal offers a variety with long or short hikes that means that everybody can enjoy the Norwegian nature. The fact that Hemsedal has 41 different marked mountain hikes you can choose from, and has the Top20 program where 20 peaks are described in one brochure, makes the mountain holiday varied. You can even buy pins for each peak you reach. It’s a great motivation for kids and even adults.

More about Top 20 peaks here.

9) Climbing – Hike more

Hemsedal is a climbing paradise in winter or summer. Experienced climbers and beginners will find their level of adventure. During summer the mountains in Hemsedal offer sports climbing, mountain climbing, Via Ferrata, family climbing, free boulder rock practise and more.

Hemsedal Fjellsport offers guided tours both for solo climbers, families and groups.

Find all about climbing in the area here.

In the town centre we have a climbing park suitable for all ages, Hemsedal High and low (Høyt & Lavt) and by the river you’ll find a boulder rock at the play ground for free use.

10) Horseback riding – No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle

Look for a Horseback riding provider in Hemsedal or ask us for assistance with ordering your perfect horse riding trip.

11) Fishing – peaceful and concentrated relaxation

Last days of May the fishing season usually starts in Hemsedal and you have the opportunity to fish in 4 rivers and 18 lakes on the same fishing license.

Purchase fishing license online or in stores in Hemsedal.