Viking House: Forget about your lifestyle, now you are a Viking

Above the Hemsedal valley, between the mountains, there is a cabin so unique that only a few in Norway are built this way. This cottage, as the name suggests, is built in a style that will make you feel like an adventurous Viking back in the Viking Age. 

Place to be

Surrounded by forest and lake, Viking House is built into the ground which gives it a unique cave-like feeling. Thanks to a round shape, walking through a hallway with white walls and red Viking drawings seems a bit like a labyrinth. 

Viking House decoration will take you back to the famous Norwegian period of time. Big tables with wooden benches and chairs, walls with hanging animal skins and troll paintings, tables with old-style candle holders. These are the little things adds to the real Viking experience.

Bedrooms are decorated with wooden plated Rune signs indicating Happiness, Blessing, and Healing. Each room has wooden hangers from tree branches, and other natural material pieces, even some real animal skins. You will also find hand-made wooden lamps with rope cords and ambient light bulbs hanging above hand-cut wooden night tables from local trees.

Most likely for

Viking House is perfect for large groups that like to spice up their trip with Viking style celebration. The cabin has a total of thirteen bedrooms and can accommodate up to 30 guests. Its advantage is also a direct connection to Chieftain’s Hall, a special venue that will intensify your imaginary move into the Viking Age. 
If you are craving something special and rustic, and like a little bit of role-playing, Viking house is a place to be. It doesn’t matter if you are a family, a group of friends or colleagues who have come to the Scandinavian Alps to strengthen the relations. For all of you, a stay at Viking House will be a unique experience that you will remember for a long time.
Busy Vikings will appreciate fiber network and strong internet coverage inside the cabin.

What to do

Enjoy chopping wood, making fire, roasting meat, and swimming in a cold lake next to your terrace. Or participate in all outdoor activities that Hemsedal offers. You can ride a bike, hike the mountains, or cross-country ski in the winter. Don’t forget about the possibility to try out our canoes and go for a trip around the lake.
In addition to being exceptional warriors, the Vikings also knew how to rest after a good performance. Indoor sauna for up to 10 people and a wood-fired hot tub are positioned right next to each other and close to a lake for cool down swim.
In Autumn we have installed outdoor barrel panoramic sauna for up to 7 people as addition to everything else that Viking House already offer. This feature elevate your stay into real luxurious private mountain spa.
Spend time all together in a gathering on your large terrace. You can also use Gapahuk, a grassy area with equipment for grilling. Prepare great food and listen to stories told by others from your group. If you have children with you, you can prepare a night trail of courage for them or have them use the near by kids forest playground.

Everything you need

  •  Private parking lot.
  •  5 toilets plus six showers.
  • Fully equipped kitchen within a big walk-in fridge and freezer, two stoves and ovens, dishwasher, and all necessary appliances.
  • Smaller kitchenette great for coffee and tea preparation. 
  • Dining room for all 30 guests.
  • Living room and lounge area with a warming fireplace.
  • Four bedrooms with three beds, eight bedrooms with two beds, and one bedroom with a single bed. The single beds can be arranged to form a larger combined mattress.