Queen’s Cottage: Where old meets new

Old timber-framed cabin from the original 19th-century homestead was a hidden gem of Huso Lodge. We respect the tradition, but at the same time we aren’t afraid of the new. We decided to sensitively combine both elements in Queen’s Cottage. Perfect merge that preserves the uniqueness of each room was created. Do you want to see what we mean? Let’s visit the Queen’s Cottage.

Place to be

One of the main challenges of the 2020 renovation was the update of the extended space in the old barn. The original extension didn’t feel connected to the original structure. Nor did the heart of the cabin, the kitchen, feel inviting for groups to gather and enjoy. We decided to change it and started working with an award-winning interior designer from New York. We repainted walls and brought minimalist decor that balanced the traditional cottage style. At the same time, we brought space and light into the interior. After renovation, the cottage feels cozy and inviting.

For centuries the families who lived at Huso grew their own currant berries from which they made wine. To honour this past while bringing continuity to the interior experience, we decided to refresh the kitchen into a rustic wine cellar-inspired culinary heaven. We uncovered an old original wooden wall, hung wine barrel chandeliers, remade the kitchen with burned wood cupboards, and framed the whole room with hand-cut long wooden logs that have been on the property for ages. Right on your first step into the new kitchen, you will feel like you have just entered a bodega bar.

It’s up to you in which atmosphere you want to spend the night. Bedrooms on the second floor have wooden log walls whereas bedrooms on the third floor have typical white concrete walls. Both have advantages. Wooden wall bedrooms invite you to snuggle in and enjoy the ambient light, while white bedrooms are brighter and offer more up-to-date design.

Most likely for

With its seven bedrooms, the Queen’s Cottage can accommodate up to fifteen people. This makes it an ideal place for medium to large-sized families, groups of friends, or a team of coworkers. Like our other cottages, this one is also great for family celebrations, friendly parties, corporate team buildings, or retreats of any kind.

Queen’s Cottage is located on the backside of the main Huso Lodge building. Although you will be in the center of the homestead with all the facilities just around the corner, you won’t be disturbed during your stay. It’s your choice how much you want to get involved in the local daily life and how much you want to enjoy your own privacy.

Children will also like the cottage. They will find many hiding places not only outside near the cabin, but the building itself also offer them unexpected opportunities. They will find a hideaway room up in the cottage that has a lower ceiling (165 cm). This room has proven to be the most popular among kids thanks to its window that has a direct view into the living room. Kids can spy on their parents while the parents sit around the fireplace. If you also want to be involved in children’s play, we recommend turning a large work table in the living room into a large play table. Board games have never been such fun with adults!

What to do

If you are looking for a secret and safe spot in the middle of the Norwegian mountains, Queen’s Cottage will meet your expectations. The rocky mountain behind the cabin will hug and protect you all the time, so you can lie down in one of the armchairs or on the couch, open a book and enjoy the sound of fire crackling. Yes, even a holiday in the mountains can be lazy!

Of course, we understand that you are in Hemsedal, so you want to enjoy the outdoors as well. Endless trails for hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing start just on the doorstep of the cabin. A spacious terrace is connected to a forest walk that takes you right in the middle of wild nature itself. If you are lucky you will spot a deer, rabbit, or even moose. We also recommend hiking up to the mountain above your cabin to see a spectacular view of the valley.

The signature kitchen will directly invite you to create memorable meals and share your stories well into the late hours of the night. How to give your culinary art a little unique local flavor? Get lost in a forest and pick blueberries, wild mushrooms, or the king of all mushrooms, Chaga. Ask the Huso Lodge team what they have just grown at their organic farm and if they have fresh eggs from their happy hens. Last but not least, go for a trip and shopping directly to Hemsedal, where you can buy for example hand-made flatbrød, pinnekjøtt, or selected coffee, which is roasted directly in the Scandinavian Alps. We promise that after your feast you will have some of the most interesting conversations over a glass of wine, whiskey, or beer. Every story will get a mysterious kick when told in the Queen’s kitchen….

Of course, the cabin is also equipped with a sauna for your full recovery. Queen’s Cottage’s sauna is smaller and suitable for around three people. The advantage is that it can get warm in less than one hour. We usually invite guests to use the Stable House sauna and badestamp. The great place where to hang out is the wooden deck before the entrance to the cottage. Bring your passion for food out and use the tripod grill on the terrace.

Everything you need

  • Private parking lot.
  • Two toilets plus two bathrooms.
  • Fully equipped kitchen within a big fridge and freezer, stove and oven, and all necessary appliances.
  • Living room equipped with a fireplace, 50-Inch TV, couch and armchairs, and one big table for working or playing. 
  • Five bedrooms with two single beds (can be combined to form a double), one bedroom with one bunk bed and two single beds (single beds can be combined to form a double), one bedroom with one single bed include wooden hangers for clothes and bench/nest for belongings.