King’s Cottage: Listen to the stories

Some places tells us stories. Stories of people, places, history, and culture of the whole nation. Come with us to King’s Cottage. On the hill surrounded by a lake and forest, with a magnificent view of the Skogshorn mountain, you will feel where your roots are.

Place to be

Since ancient times, we have been shaped by natural laws that we cannot ignore.  That’s why we decided to invite history to our cabins, and at the same time enjoy all the conveniences of the 21st century.
We had this in our minds when we renovated the cottage in cooperation with an award-winning interior designer from New York. Now, after renovation, an original Norwegian wooden cabin combines modern minimalism in bedrooms and gallery showroom in shared rooms. We have incorporated all the objects that are bonded with the history of the cottage – original paintings, old photographs, and also unique pieces, like a clock in the hallway. Thanks to this, you will have an opportunity to live the story with the cabin.

Most likely for

King’s Cottage offers a wealth of privacy. Located further up in the hill from the main Huso Lodge, only unspoiled nature will be your company. Although Hemsedal is a well-known holiday destination, a huge advantage of King’s Cottage is its location 20-minutes outside the town which allows you to enjoy the Scandinavian Alps without the crowds

What to do

Adventure outside by day and gather inside by night, any time of year. This is exactly what describes the cottage the best. You won’t be able to count all hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing trails that are located around your new basecamp. Norwegian winter is associated with a heated sauna and an outdoor hot tub. Norwegian summer is associated with a clean lake offering a cool down after a demanding sports performance. 
The view of the Skogshorn mountain won‘t leave you calm until you climb it’s mountain top. Families and hikers usually choose the east-side approach that doesn’t require climbing, on the other hand, climbers will fall in love with the south-side walls of the mountain. Skogshorn is also a part of Hemsedal Top 20, so if you are into hiking, we recommend you reach more peaks in the area.
Two south-facing terraces will convince you to enjoy moments of peace right on the doorstep of your cottage. The terrace offers cooling or warming outdoor hot tub after a sauna, or for yoga sessions and other group activities. The second-floor terrace is equipped with outside furniture and a grill for enjoying the time with your loved ones.
If you want to bring back home a truly unique experience from Hemsedal, try one of the outdoor activities that the location offers. During the summer you can try fly fishing, Via Ferrata, or river snorkeling, while during the winter we recommend ice climbing, snowmobiling, or horse sledding. If you want to make your children happy, go for horseback riding or dog sledding.

Everything you need

  • Spacious private parking
  • 2 toilets, 2 showers plus 2 bathrooms (toilet and shower) 
  • Fully equipped kitchen within the walk-in fridge, two stoves and ovens, and all necessary appliances.
  • Living room equipped with a fireplace, 65-Inch TV and a big table for both eating or working.
  • Sever bedrooms. Four bedrooms with two single beds (can be combined to form a double) and 3 bedrooms with four single beds (two of them can be combined to form a double). All bedroom has wooden hangers for clothes.