Unique Huso Lodge Venues for your Event

There is always a reason to celebrate, whether it’s a birthday party, farewell party, bachelorette party, wedding, conference, retreat or just a simple reunion of family or friends. At Huso Lodge & Farm, we offer several unique venues, with one thing in common – beautiful location in the Norwegian countryside and an event space that you haven’t seen anywhere before.

Huso Lodge & Farm Venues

On the hill, surrounded by mountains, lake, and forest, there is a special venue called Chieftain’s Hall, where you can travel more than 1.000 years back in time.

From the outside an ordinary wooden structure with a green roof typical for Norway. As you open the big wooden door and enter in, you can smell the tar, the smoke and the grilled food. The lit torches guide your eyes to the open fire pit in the center, where The Viking Chieftain and the lady await to welcome you.

Be seated behind large wooden tables and benches for up to 100 people aligned around tall wooden pillars carrying the structure. Looking up the ceiling you see two big hatches which when open up, bring the only natural light into the hall. Next to the fire pit you find the bar and on the opposite side a few inches elevated floor deck for the most important: the Viking Chieftain and the lady for the night.

The Chieftain’s Hall have have hosted welcome wedding dinners, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, bachelor parties, workshops, and even TV shows. Deep within, we all are curious about the norse traditions and the Chieftain’s Hall takes us back, and unites the tribe and the simple ritual of a feast.

The combination of staying in Viking House and using Chieftain’s Hall is perfect for daily lectures, workshops, meals and indoor activities.

Banquet Hall is a restaurant venue, which is a part of the main Huso Lodge building. With its many windows, the hall offers a spectacular view overlooking the trees, fields, mountains, and hills of the whole Hemsedal valley. Moreover, space is connected to a nice terrace and outside grassy area in our yard.

As you walk inside, you first notice the turquoise colour on the walls, with traditional Hallingdal decoration. A big fireplace usually launches every winter event. We help you arrange tables and all 100 chairs the best possible way for your special occasion.

In Banquet Hall we usually host wedding dinners, breakfasts and brunch buffets.

After the dinner, you can move upstairs to the Lounge, comfortable area with couches and armchairs, a fireplace, and a bar. What a great space to rest after delicious food with a cup of coffee or whiskey and chat with your old or newly made friends. Further in you will enter a room with a projector that also serves as a dance floor. Connect  your phone to the speakers and let the music carry you! 

Banquet Hall and the Lounge are a great places to host any kind of celebration, company dinners, lectures, conferences, or weddings. Accommodate your guests in the nearest Queens Cottage, Stable House, Couples Cottage or in our 4 apartments and 5 hotels rooms, and have everything close by.

At first sight, it might seem like an ordinary grassy hill. Not until you see the bridge leading toward an entrance surrounded by a water pond. Walking inside, you will be impressed with its tall wooden poles holding the structure from the centre towards the sides, and two floors with a round stage in the middle of the venue.

Up to 100 people can fit into this venue, and is equipped with a projector and a sound system.

First floor becomes the best dance floor. Seated in cozy couches on the second floor, you will get the best view of what is happening below.

Thanks to great acoustics in the Earth Dome it had attracted those looking for a proper party venue with DJ and musicians. We have held conferences, birthday parties, weddings, and even TV show here. 


Earth dome is located on the hill surrounded by lake and forest next to Viking house, King’s cottage, and Lake View.

Located on the top of the hill, right below the fields where we grow our vegetables, you can find a big wooden barn that has been brought here in the past. It used to serve as lockable storage where people stored important goods and tools. The previous owner opened this barn for the public and remade it into a museum with two floors, big glass show-cases with all kinds of original Norwegian expositions, like an old mill, old Norwegian Apotheke, or recreation of a troll cave from concrete. As we took over Huso Lodge, the previous museum concept lost its meaning but a new, better purpose for the barn occurred. 

We dreamed about a place where people could gather during summer and autumn and be sheltered in case of strong wind or rain. We cleared the whole space, removed the second floor, made a lot of repairs and opened the barn officially for summer 2021.

The barn can hold up to 90 people and it is our happy place where people meet and enrich themselves. Farmers markets, multi coursed food experiences, workshops, yoga classes, workouts, celebrations, weddings. You name it. Everything can happen here. Don’t you think?

Imagine sitting behind a table made out of local wood by local craftsmen, eating food made from local ingredients that grew on the fields you passed on the way here. And as a cherry on the top you get amazing view over the whole valley.


The barn is located below Banquet hall and next to the Stable house, Queen’s Cottage, and other apartments and units nearby.

Huso Lodge is a place where you experience mountain countryside in its complexity. 

One of our aims is to give our guests a chance to experience local food.

In 2020 we started to grow vegetables on our sun facing fields with the goal of sharing our produce with the local community and our guests. Rather than using chemicals or pesticides, we turn toward sustainable methods of crop rotation, and permaculture.

 It is a big difference between food from the other side of the world, food grown in your own country, and food grown locally in your garden. Not only is the food much healthier since it is organic, but also being here yourself fills the gap and connects you with the whole process of growing and producing the real food.

During the summers we open our Farm Barn biweekly for Farmers Markets where we sell vegetables from our farm. It’s a meet-up where we get to talk to each other, eat some small refreshment that we prepared and grow the local community of like minded people.

During the growing season we also supply the chefs that cooks for our events with the vegetables from our garden.