Lakeview Cottage: In the middle of the Norwegian wilderness

Upon a hill, away from the hustle and bustle of the towns, you will find Lakeview Cottage. Surrounded by forest and a private lake, the cottage offers a unique experience overlooking the best of Norwegian nature.

Traditional mountain cabin spiced with modern features and unique hand-made wooden furniture is perfect for people who look for a city escape as well for those who want to enjoy all the advantages of modern mountain stay.


Place to be

Sustainability is the key. When we decided to renovate this traditional Norwegian wooden log cabin, together with an award-winning interior designer from New York we agreed to keep the spirit of the place. We had and combined the original building with modern elements. After the reconstruction in 2020, the Lakeview Cottage’s interior is cozy, modern and provides plenty of space for group enjoyment.
Impressive south-facing views looking over a lake and the valley beyond made us open up the walls and built a new spacious panorama room with a large window facing the countryside. To be even closer to the charming scenery, we extended the room with an outside deck.
The real treasure of this cabin is an exclusive panorama room situated on the second floor. Just imagine waking up with the feeling of living among the top of the trees and clouds! Three big windows offer a stunning view across the whole front side of the room. Don’t be fooled, other bedrooms are extra special too. The wooden headboard for each bed was made from Huso lodge burned wood.

Most likely for

If the mountains call you, Lakeview Cottage will be the perfect basecamp for all your outdoor adventures. In addition to the countless sports activities that the location offers, you will also enjoy the opportunity to relax in the cottage after demanding days.

What to do

The Scandinavian Alps, as Hemsedal and its surroundings are often called, are a year-round destination. Right outside the cabin, you can jump on to many cross-country skiing trails during winter or hiking and biking trails during summer. Within a 20-minute drive, you can reach Norway’s most famous ski slopes. On sunny days you will also enjoy a private lake which is suitable for both swimming and boating.
After an active rest, treat yourself and use all the possibilities that the cottage offers to relax. Generous terrace across the whole front side of the cottage makes it a perfect place for a grill party, gathering around a big fire-pit with food and good wine, watching a bright night sky in the winter, or midsummer sun during the summer. If you desire a deeper connection with nature, use the terrace for mindfulness time through meditation or yoga practice.
You are welcome to warm up in the indoor sauna for five people or in the outdoor Skarsgard hot tub. Remember that the tub is a traditional wooden badestamp, so if you want to use it, you need to heat it a few hours before.
In Autumn 2022 we have installed new outdoor panoramic barrel sauna right next to the hot tub, overlooking the view that this cabin is famous for. This feature will elevate your stay into a luxurious private mountain spa.
We all know that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes, but if you decide to spend the day inside, you will appreciate a spacious kitchen as well as a dining room. Enjoying the food right next to a large fireplace will make a cozy atmosphere enticing you to lie down on the couch and watch a view better than any TV show. If you after all decide to turn on the TV and connect with the outside world, it is just one click away.
Our favorite secret spot is a unique library room with a view that inspires us to be creative and realize the value of the present moments of life. You will find everything that a proper book lover needs – a small fireplace, bookshelf, ambient lighting, and comfortable armchairs.

Everything you need

  • Spacious private parking with charger for electric cars.
  • Fully equipped kitchen within all necessary appliances for a proper feast. 
  • Two toilets plus two modern bathrooms with washing machine and dryer ready to clean all the marks of adventure.
  • Dining room with a wooden dining table located right next to a warming fireplace.
  • Living room equipped with a comfy couch and 65-Inch TV.
  • Four bedrooms with two single beds (can be combined to form a double) and two bedrooms with double bed include closed or commode to store belongings.