Organic Farming

While the pandemic has reminded us that health is the real wealth, the unfolding climate crisis mandates we all live more sustainably too. Fortunately, organic, regeneratively grown food is a solve for both. 

So amidst the trying times of 2020, we got to work establishing a new, organic and regenerative farm on the land surrounding Huso. 2021 will bring new farm-to-table experiences for our guests, as well as a new Huso Farmers Market for the Hemsedal community at large.

Huso Lodge is situated 800 meters above sea level, and the growth season is short, lasting from May to October. Despite these inconveniences, we were determined to grow a variety of vegetables without the use of pesticides or fertilisers, both of which are wreaking havoc on our health and the health of our planet.

Since soil plays a key role in sequestering carbon, managing the water, energy, and nutrient cycles and preserving biodiversity, we believed that if we treated the soil and the nature around us in a good way, it would give us even more in return.

And we were right. To our delight, the results surprised us all.  Healthy, abundant, diverse vegetables abound.

We also built a hügelkultur, raised bed on old logs, which is a soil-binding method that imitates the way deadfall piles up and decomposes naturally in the forest. Hügelkultur garden beds both retain moisture stored in the logs and improve drainage.

The summer of 2020 reinforced an important lesson.  Nature is smart and knows what to do.  Our job is simply be in its service for it to flourish.  As we learn and grow more, we look forward to sharing such abundance with our guests and community at large.

To stay abreast of our expanding farm and culinary adventure, please follow us!  More announcements and offerings to come.